Special Events

The Freshman Seminar Program occasionally hosts special events. Here are some highlights!

group student shot in front of mural
June 30, 2021

Field Trip to Greensboro History Museum

Valerie Kelco took students in FMS 115-02: Rhetoric of Activism for Social Justice to the Greensboro History Museum to see the Pieces of Now – Murals, Masks, Community Stories and Conversations.

January 21, 2021

Field Trip to Washington, DC

Sarah Gates took students in FMS 160-01: Risk & Reward: Entrepreneurship in the History of American Capitalism to Washington D.C. to visit the Capitol, the Washington Monument and the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

student in front of washington monument
Students in front of statue
January 21, 2021

Field Trip to Chùa Quan Âm Ngàn Tượng

Rohit Singh took students to Chùa Quan Âm Ngàn Tượng in FMS 142-02: Introduction to Buddhism to a local Vietnamese Buddhist Monastery.

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